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An Outward Two-day Tour in Xiaobailu and Jiuli Rivulet in Fujian Province
Update: 2016/2/11 11:14:31     Count: 686

In order to improve staff welfare and have them relaxed, strengthen team construction and display its vitality, all the members of our company went to have an outward two-day tour, in July 7th and 8th, in Xiaobailu and Jiuli Rivulet in Fujian province.


In Fuding Xiaobailu beach resort, the staff appreciated the wide beach with soft sand and gentle waves and they enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of lush trees and grass, weird stones and steep cliffs on the both sides of the beach. Here, we climbed the mountains and overlooked the vast sea covered with mists, looking like a wonderland. We viewed the grotesque peaks and rocks, what rich scenery! We also tasted the seafood, what a delicacy! We took some outward activities, such as animal world, currency unit, the Great Wall never down and so on, and the whole beach swarmed with cheerful and happy voice. Besides, we spent an exciting, happy and memorable night by attending a warm and cheerful bonfire party, interesting performance and exciting group PK games.


In the picturesque Jiuli rivulet canyon which was 2 kilometers long, we passed through the Burma’s bridge, crossed the river by the wood board, vaulted over barriers, moved across the streams by a cable, went hand in hand through the rope net, had volley flew and walked on the water. These more than ten sports experience programs stimulated pur staff’s potential, cultivated their sentiment, tempered team quality, volition and spirit.


During this outward tour, our chairman and general manager TanQilong and other leaders of our company with all the staff felt the beauty of the nature and played the challenging games together.


Challenging ourselves, tasting our life, refining the teamwork and consolidating our trust to each other, they are the best benefits we gained from this activity.

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