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Model of enterprise revenue and example of charities participant
Update: 2012/3/7     Count: 7057
Yueqing city economic work & large investment promotion meeting and liushi commendation meeting are held in succession in February, 2011. It is announced at the meeting that with the city gross industrial output value up to 150.333 billion, total output value 57.149 billion, general financial revenue 8.212 billion, and the Total capital assets investment 29.666 billion, Yueqing city has been developing in stable and fast way and achieved itself the 8th place among county-level cities in Zhejiang province.
The municipal Party Commitee and municipal government of Yueqing city and Liushi pronounced commendation of advanced units and individuals to stimulate the advanced and set examples. The municipal party secretary Pan Xiaozheng, the municipal party deputy secretary and Mayor Lin Xiaofeng, the Municipal Standing Committee and liushi town party secretary Pan Yunfu and other leaders awarded prize for enterprises. Our company president and general manager Anlen Tan attended the meeting and accepted the award. Our company has so far been successively awarded “yueqing top 30 self-management exportation enterprise”, “liushi top 10 foreign exchange-earning enterprises” and other honorary titles for 4 years.
In the face of complex and stern domestic and international economic environment in 2011, our company strengthened old business and developed new business, expanded the market, and achieved rapid development of enterprise revenue, by restructuring enterprise, transforming strategies, strengthening marketing, optimizing sources, reinforcing management and activating mechanism.
Anlen Tan, the company president and general manager states that enterprises should have high sense of social responsibility, and that as the enterprise develops and grows more powerful, it should bare the responsibility to promote local economic development, redound upon the community, and participate in charities. On be half of CEA, he also donated RMB 50,000 to Liushi charity branch.
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