CEY30 Residual Current Device(RCD)
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

      The residual current device (RCD) CEY30 is in conformity with the standards of IEC1008, VDE0664,CEE27 and BS 4293.
    It can cut off the fault circuit immediately on the occasion of shock hazard or earth leakage of trunk line. Thus it is suitable to avoid the shock hazard and fire caused by earth leakage.
    CEY30 RCD is mainly suitable for using in varieties of plants, enterprises, buildings. Const­ructions, commerce, hotels and families.lt can be used in circuit up to single phase 240V,three phase 415V, 50 or 60Hz.
Rated Voltage(Un) 2 Pole :230VAC
4Pole :400VAC
Rated Current(In) 25,40,63A
Rated Residual Operating Current(l△n)


Rated Residual Non-operating Current(l△no) 0.5I△n
Rated Current off-time ≤0.1s
Min Value of Rated Operating and Breaking Capacity(lm) 1kA
Rated Conditional Short-circuit Current(Inc)

In=25,40A Inc=1500A
In=63A Inc=3000A


On symmetrical DIN rail

Endurance(times) 4000
Operation Principle Fig
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